Quad City airport gets $3.12 million in federal grants

MOLINE, Illinois -- The Quad City International Airport (MLI) is getting a $3.12 million face lift thanks to a larger federal fund for airport infrastructure.

According to a statement, the Federal Aviation Administration will award $586 million in airport infrastructure grants, which comes from the $3.18 billion allotment from the Airport Improvement Program.

More than $3 million of this total funding will go toward expanding a service road at MLI.

"These Airport Improvement Grants are investments in our country's critical infrastructure," U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao said. "This grant is a down payment to ensure that the Quad City Airport remains an economic engine as demand grows."

The FAA designates a certain amount of AIP funding each year based on traffic and growth. You can find a complete list of the funded airports, here.