New parking rule causing problems for WIU Moline students

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MOLINE-- Parking problems at Western Illinois University's Moline campus are keeping some students from focusing on their studies. This is because of a new rule now enforced by the city of Moline.

Ryan Behrens studies accounting at WIU, but something about parking doesn't add up anymore.

"You have back to back classes that are over an hour long. You'd get tickets everyday," says Behrens.

New to school this year are two hour parking signs in the city lot directly across from WIU in Moline. People can park in the lot for up to two hours Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If they stay longer, they get hit with a $20 ticket.

"There's plenty of parking here. I don't know why they need to patrol it or see how long we're parked here," says human resources student Mackenzie Santos.

Students can buy a parking permit through the University for $56 a year. But that doesn't work for everyone.

"I only have one class in class, so I don't really see a need to buy a parking pass. So that's why I park here," says Santos.

The sign adds extra stress on some students when they say they should be focusing on their grades.

"Sometimes I want to come early to study, but then I think, oh, it's only two hour parking between 8 and 5, so I should stay home for a little bit," says Behrens.

"I have to rush around. I can't really stay and go on the computer or go to the library because I'm worried I am going to get a ticket," says Santos.

And now students want to teach a lesson in patience.

"If they could just be more lenient, our average classes on Tuesday and Thursday is almost two hours. Can we have a little more time?" asks Santos.

Leaders at WIU say the decision to make the parking rule was made by the City of Moline.

Students are asking their school leaders to stand up for them and ask for more time from the city.

Moline city leaders could not be reached on Tuesday. WQAD reached out to ask why the decision to limit parking was made, and to ask what the city could do to help students.

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