YOUR MONEY WITH MARK: Two more interest rate hikes likely this year

MOLINE- Investment Advisor Mark Grywacheski joined us Monday, September 17 for Your Money on Good Morning Quad Cities.

Grywacheski says our rate of inflation has stabilized because of the number of interest rate hikes we've had in 2018. So far, we've had two, and Grywacheski expects a third to be implemented after the next Fed Meeting coming up Wednesday, September 26.

"The continuing strength of the consumer spending is telling the Federal Reserve that the economy is continuing to surge and to keep on pace with these inflationary pressures," he said Monday. "It needs to be fairly aggressive in raising these interest rates."

Grywacheski expects the fourth interest rate hike to happen at the end of the year. Your Money With Mark airs live on Good Morning Quad Cities every Monday between 5 a.m. and 5:30 a.mTo live stream our newscast from our website, click here.