Iowa man gives to his community one chocolate bar at a time

LONG GROVE, Iowa — Bob Williams has spent the last 10 years connecting to strangers, one chocolate bar at a time.

To date, Williams has given out almost 6,000 Hershey’s bars to people in his community. His reason is simple – to bring the people around him closer together.

“It’s guaranteed to light up most anyone’s life. You’ll see,” Williams said.

“The Candy Man,” as some people refer to Williams, can be found at the Dollar General Store buying candy by the box full. He always makes sure to buy three extra as well – two for the store employees and one for the person behind him in line.

People’s reactions are not surprising. Some people exclaim “Thank you so much,” and some give him a hug. Some do both.

“See, that’s the reaction I get,” he said.

The retired teacher and coach always keeps some chocolate bars on him when he’s around town. The video above shows his freezer stocked with stacks of the candy.

Inspired by his kindness, Hershey’s has promised to supply him with all the chocolate bars he will ever need.

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