Gold Cup Championship held in Quad Cities for the first time

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois-- After years of work, the Gold Cup Championship has finally stopped in East Moline.

Riders full of adrenaline, as they compete for the title.
"These races go all over the country I've raced this race in Oklahoma before, in Nebraska many times and so it just moves around," said Paul Depauw. Depauw is the track director at the East Moline Speedway.
  Now it's here in our own backyard giving seven-year-old Hannah Whitmarsh from East Moline upper hand.
 "You can race against each other and with all my friends," said Hannah Whitmarsh.
She has only been racing for a few months, following in her big brothers tracks.
"It feels good knowing that she's behind me and she's looking up to me," said Chris Whitmarsh. Chris placed sixth in today's race and will move on to the main race tomorrow. Races like the Gold Cup bring in hundreds of people.
 "We've been doing this for twenty five years. We've got a wonderful convention and visitors bureau and community that kind of rallies behind us and gets us these events and we do our part on our end and we've been to bring a lot of big races to us in East Moline," said DePauw. Giving the locals a chance to test their skills.
"It's wonderful for our local riders to see a big event like this go," said DePauw.
The track is open to more than just the professionals.
"We have loaner bikes and helmets so we'd love to see some kids come out and try it," said DePauw.
For Hannah and Chris, the sport is more than just competition, it's family.
"I'm up everyday with her up at the gate, and when we're not here we are at our house doing sprints and I'm showing her where to pedal and where not to," said Chris Whitmarsh.
   The final races begin tomorrow at 8 in the morning.
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