Local blood center needs donations to help Florence victims

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Leaders at the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center say they have received requests for blood from blood centers and hospitals in the Carolina's as Hurricane Florence lashes towns.

As residents on the east coast evacuate or board up their homes, less people take the time to donate blood and participate in the planning of blood drives.

Meanwhile, the demand for blood in hospitals does not diminish, and as injuries from the hurricane become an issue of concern, that demand only increases.

In anticipation of the storm, the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center did send blood ahead of the initial impact.

However, they say in order to send more blood they need to make sure the need for blood is filled here locally, first.

Now, they are asking people in the quad cities, and surrounding areas, to roll up a sleeve and donate blood.

To make an appointment, use their mobile app:  www.bloodcenter.org/app

or call one of these two numbers: (563) 359-5401 , (800) 747-5401.