Local Red Cross volunteers rush to east coast ahead of Hurricane Florence

MOLINE, Illinois- Dozens of Quad Cities American Red Cross volunteers are rushing to the east coast ahead of Hurricane Florence.

"One of the challenges right now is that we are still not sure exactly where it's going to hit so as an organization we are moving people all along the east coast to be able to respond wherever there is a need." said Trish Burnett, Executive Director of the American Red Cross serving the Quad Cities and Central Illinois.

As Hurricane Florence closes in, towns are preparing for a storm that could threaten the lives of residents.

On Wednesday morning, despite beautiful beach front conditions, officials were begging residents to act responsibly and evacuate.

"At a point in time we might not be able to help them, they're going to be on their own. We may not be able to get first responders to them." said Drew Pearson, Emergency Management Director in Dare County, North Carolina.

Still locally, people from Iowa and Illinois are ready to respond.

"We will be working with partners to provide feeding, distributing water, all of those immediate needs that happen after a disaster." said Burnett. "Then, the flooding after. We will be there for quite some time because there is expected to be a lot of flooding following the hurricane.

Red Cross volunteers, diving in, as officials urge the non-trained residents to get out.