Family donates first Cuddle Cot to Genesis for grieving parents

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Billie Johnson and her family presented the first Cuddle Cot to the BirthCenter at Genesis Medical Center Wednesday, September 12.

The more than $3,000 purchase is a bassinet that provides cooling for a stillborn baby.

"What this does it provides a way to help cool the baby to bring it down to a lower temperature to help preserve the baby,” says Kim Nimrick, nurse manager at Genesis Medical Center.

Johnson says she and her family were inspired to buy the Cuddle Cot after losing her baby Jenner, 28 weeks into pregnancy. After delivering the baby, the family only had a couple days to say goodbye.

"It's another thing you don't realize when you lose a baby, how quickly their body deteriorates and that was hard enough but that made it that much harder,” says Johnson.

She and her family raised the money for the Cuddle Cot by selling t-shirts.