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Manure found overflowing into the Mississippi

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Stuck barge on the Mississippi River. Coast Guard members were cleaning up the situation Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016. WQAD photo

CLINTON, IA, – Wednesday, September 12 during a  follow-up check on manure application north of Clinton, the DNR found manure flowing into Silver Creek and about three miles into the Mississippi River.

According to a press release, the manure came from an overflowing storage basin at Blue Hyll Dairy. The dairy has since hired  Waste Management Ag Services of Dubuque to take care of the issue. The basin is no longer overflowing.

A DNR inspector found the basin had been overflowing for a while. The DNR doesn’t know how much manure actually reached the water.

Recent heavy rains have caused trouble for manure storage structures in the state.

According to the release:

“The DNR recommends that livestock producers contact the local DNR field office for help when faced with issues because of rainfall. Exploring alternatives for manure application and storage before it’s a problem is better than dealing with a manure release.

The DNR claimed it will continue to monitor the situation and may instigate enforcement action.

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