Civil Rights Commission gets back on track

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- The Davenport civil rights commission can now rest easy.

Aldermen previously proposed replacing the commission with a new agency that would have more city oversight.

In a letter sent out on September 7th, Mayor Frank Klipsch says community opposition was strong enough to make Aldermen withdraw the proposal, a huge relief for the civil rights commission.

"The proposal would have eliminated staff and changed dramatically the function of the commission so it was a very stressful thing for staff to be going through," said Latrice Lacey.

Lacey will remain the director of the commission.

Members of the commission and city council say they now plan to work toward building a better relationship moving forward.

Mayor Klipsch says the work the commission does is vital to Davenport's success.

With events coming up this week the commission is ready to get back to work.

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