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American Legion Post 26 name Police and Firefighters of the year

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- The American Legion Post 26 named this year’s Davenport Police and Firefighters of the year, Monday, September 10.

This year the award went to Zachary Streit, Engineer Rick Albert and Lieutenant Jason Roth of the Davenport Fire Department for helping to deliver a baby in a firehouse in Davenport back in December.

It wasn`t apparent we weren`t going to make it to the hospital, I was has having intense contractions, but it felt like normal labor like I had with my first son. It wasn`t until we hit the interstate when I felt Owens head crowning that I knew we weren`t going to make it,” says Hillary Perry, the mother of the baby delivered that day.

The American Legion also awarded Brandon Askew, Police Officer of the year.

Askew was recognized for stopping a man with a handgun from attacking his girlfriend back in March.

Askew joined the Davenport Police Department last October.

The American Legion also awarded both the Davenport Police and Fire Departments with a check for $250.