Construction underway for band shell at The Bend site in East Moline

EAST MOLINE, Illinois -- Construction is underway for a multi-million dollar development project, "The Bend."

Several buildings were planned as part of the development.  This includes an event center, apartment complex, gas station and convenience store, strip mall and band shell.  The band shell construction started Monday, September 10, according to Mike VanDeHeede, the project owner of Great River Property Development, LLC.

VanDeHeede said civil work was starting up, which includes plumbing and electrical work.  Construction for the event center was expected to start within a month; the apartments are pre-constructed and were expected to be shipped in November and ready in February; the gas station was expected to be up by winter; work on the strip mall was set to start in 45 days and be done in March.

The site contains 132 acres of land along the Mississippi River.  According to The Bend QC's planning site, it's the largest flood-protected section of the river in the Quad Cities.  Click here to see what is in store for the project.