After seventy years local Republican thinks the time is now to stand up for change

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MILAN, Illinois-- Every year the Rock Island County Republicans organize an event to get representatives, candidates and the community together.

This year a new face walked into the conversation.

Sharon Tolle has been a Republican her entire life. Next week, she turns 77. Tolle has never felt the need to go to a political event, until now.

"What's gone on in the country I felt that I need to be more involved with the Republican party with any party because I think we really need to get our country together," said Tolle.

She is ready to share her concerns.

"I don`t like the split with everybody and the hate that`s going through everybody," said Tolle.

Candidates and representatives at the barbecue were ready to hear what the community had to say.

"How can we better listen to the people, How can we understand what their true needs are and commit that," said Russel Christ. Christ helps organize the event and after years helping out he is taking the time to run for county clerk.

The event wasn't just for the people and their concerns but goals for the county as well. Goals that candidates want to achieve for the community and goals the community wants to see.

"I do think that we need to get more jobs, get people off of welfare and get more jobs," said Tolle.

The goal is get the word out and get people involved. Something Tolle thinks everyone needs to do, Republican or not.

"You do need to listen to people, need to read, go on the computer whatever but you need to do a lot of education things for yourself to learn about what`s going on," said Tolle.

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