Moline police chief cited for OWI in Scott County

MOLINE, Illinois -- Moline, Illinois' chief of police was cited for driving under the influence, according to a lieutenant with the Iowa State Patrol.

On Friday evening, September 7, Chief John Hitchcock was pulled over on Highway 61 in Scott County, according to Lt. Brian Votroubek.  Iowa State Patrol cited Hitchcock for OWI and speeding.  He was released; not booked into jail.

A lawyer appeared in court Monday morning, on behalf of Chief Hitchcock for a first appearance.  An arraignment was set for Thursday, October 11 at 8:30 a.m.

The following email is a release from City Administrator Doug Maxeiner regarding Chief Hitchcock:

“Moline City Administrator Doug Maxeiner was informed by Police Chief John Hitchcock early Saturday morning of the Chief’s involvement as the subject of a traffic stop in Iowa this past Friday evening.  The traffic stop reportedly resulted in charges against Chief Hitchcock, while driving his personal vehicle.  The specific charges are unknown at this time and City officials do not have any of the facts or specific information on the incident.  The City has initiated an investigation to determine the details.  As is the City’s standard practice, Chief Hitchcock has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.  Lt. David Gass has been named Acting Chief during this administrative leave.”