Most McCartney tickets sell in 45 minutes at TaxSlayer Center in Moline

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MOLINE - Tickets for Paul McCartney's Freshen Up tour stop nine months from now basically sold out in 45 minutes on Friday morning.

All $255 seats at the TaxSlayer Center were sold within 10 minutes.  The rest went within the hour after sales started.

It was a long and winding line that greeted Paul McCartney fans on Friday.  Vey Rodriguez was among those pulling an all-nighter, arriving at 11:15 p.m. on Thursday.

"There's a reason why he's Paul McCartney," he said.

Others were singing, sharing collectables and lounging in lawn chairs inside the lobby.

"I brought original trading cards," said Barb Ziegenhorn, Orion.

Kimble McLain recalled watching the movie "Help" at age seven.

"You couldn't hear the movie," he remembered.  "You had screaming girls.  There was no time like Beatlemania."

TaxSlayer staffers did their best to lighten the mood and brief fans on what to expect.

"I'm showing them the seating chart," said Mary Vandevoorde.  "Explaining how to be ready when they get up to the window."

Just before sales started at 10 a.m., a Sir Paul lookalike arrived to pose and entertain in a Sergeant Pepper costume and moustache.

"It's going to be a great show," he said.  "I hope all of these people can get tickets."

The real show started just a few minutes later.

"I didn't think I'd get in," said Ziegenhorn, clutching her tickets.

There's jubilation after the long wait, and excitement over the June 11, 2019 concert.

"Bingo, baby," shouted McLain after successfully leaving the box office.

There's a touch of nostalgia and chance to make new memories.

"I'm happy," said Ken Carter, Moline.  "It's a good day."

With his tickets, Carter and his new friends will reunite next June for the big show.

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