Rainy conditions keep farmers out of the fields

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WALCOTT, Iowa  --  Rainy conditions are keeping farmers out of the fields, but farmers say that's not a bad thing this time of year.

President of Scott County Farm Bureau Mike Paustian said that most farmers in this area are not ready to harvest their crops yet.

As of last week, Scott County was considered abnormally dry. More serious drought conditions are in southeastern Iowa, along  the Missouri border.

In Iowa, about 75% of the corn and soybeans are in good to excellent condition.

"It's not a bad thing at all," Paustian said. " I wish it wouldn't come all at once, to give it more time to soak in, but with that said it really has soaked in quite a bit."

Paustian farms 1,400 acres of soybeans and corn. He says he will be ready to harvest by the end of September.

There are similar crop conditions on the Illinois side of the river. Most of the corn and soybean crop are rated good to excellent.

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