In the Kitchen with Fareway: Building Your Back to School Lunches

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MOLINE- The kids are now all back in school, and Caitlyn Ferin from Fareway Food Stores is showing parents how to make the perfect back to school lunches for your kids.

Tuesday, September 4, she broke the lunches down into three main groups. The first one is Protein:

1. Hummus + Pita

2. Cheese + Whole Grain Crackers

3. Turkey + Cheese Roll-ups

4. Nut Butter + Jam Sandwich

5. Chicken + Cheese Quesadilla

6. Meat + Cheese Kabob

7. Ham + Cheese Sandwich

8. English Muffin + Pizza Sauce + Cheese + Pepperoni

9. Wraps

10. Pasta Salad + Cheese + Cherry Tomatoes


Fruits and Veggies

1. Oranges or Mandarin Oranges

2. Apples or Applesauce

3. Strawberries

4. Grapes

5. Berries

6. Bell Pepper Slices

7. Banana

8. Baby Carrots

9. Cucumbers

10. Snap Peas


Sides and Snacks

1. Chips

2. Granola Bars

3. Pretzels or Crackers

4. String Cheese

5. Yogurt

6. Trail Mix

7. Fruit Snacks

8. Popcorn

9. Pudding Cups

10. Graham Crackers

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