Last working World War II ship stops in Bettendorf

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BETTENDORF, Iowa-- The U.S.S LST 325 docked outside Isle of Capri in Bettendorf.

The ship is the last working World War II ship. People lined up for hours to get a little piece of history.

  “They built 1,051 of these in World War II this is the only one left that works we bring history to everybody especially the younger generations about his size,” said James Goodall. Goodall served in the US Army for 27 years. Now he travels with the ship to teach it's history.

The U.S.S LST 325 had a five day trip up the Mississippi River going 7mph.

It's stopped for one more day before it heads down to Chester, Illinois.

  “We’re both former navy veterans and we both like history of the navy so we came out to see the ship. You don't get much opportunity in Iowa to see a navy ship, especially a World War II era ship,” said Mike Monserud. Monserud and his wife waited for almost two hours to get inside the boat.

The boat isn't the only thing drawing Mike's attention.

“My job in the navy was a gunners mate so I notice all those weapons up there. So I familiarized myself with all those weapons, I can see trucks and tanks and we can see from here but I can`t wait to get in there to look at it more,” said Monserud.

Once you step inside the boat, you get the full effect.

Old Morse code machines, piles of chains and even trucks. It all takes you back to the past.

“These ships used to the beach themselves on Normandy and off load all the tanks and trucks. That's how the troops got to the ship for the invasion of D-Day, it's just pure nostalgia, pure history it's great to be close to something this old,” said Monserud.

 “This is what this is about this ship is history living history as we call it, this younger generation out there for some reason don’t know american history we run into it a lot so this ship will teach you a little bit of history about the greatest generation and what they did back then,” said Goodall.

For Mike, this ship reminds him of his time in the Navy.

“We carried 26 marine expeditionary units that was a secondary invasion force for Iraq. My ship basically carried tanks, assault vehicles, the infantry and all that for the marines my ship is the newer version of what this ship is,” said Monserud.

He loves his part in American history.

     “It is it is a lot personal this is our history I love naval history being in the navy and it's a great pleasure to be here,” said Goodall.

This is the first trip back to the Quad Cities for the crew since 2008.

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