Moline hopes fence will keep geese off the Ben Butterworth Parkway

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MOLINE, Illinois-- When people stop by Ben Butterworth Parkway, it's hard for them to not notice all the feathered visitors.

"We enjoy seeing them, and we feel like they're a part of nature," Teresa Palmer said.

But not everyone feels the same way about all the geese at the Moline park.

"We don't need to be fouled by a bunch of duck yuck and goose gunk on the parkway," John Anderson said.

Regardless of how people feel about them, the City of Moline is trying to keep some of them from hanging out in the park.

It's put up some white fencing where they tend to land in the water, then walk up into the park.

"I've seen it keeping some of the geese out," Anderson said. "I've seen some of them walk up and be befuddled by it. Geese are lazier than some people."

The fence is a cheaper alternative to other methods, like dogs trained to chase after geese or robots that roll around to scare them away.

Some people said the geese don't hurt anyone, except for pooping on the trail and all over the grace, but the geese were here first.

"I just wonder what it'll do to the environment," Palmer said. "They eat fish and bugs and it's part of the ecosystem. So that may be concerning just to get rid of part of that."

The fence may work for now, but some say it'll take more to keep them away.

"Geese are supposed to be dumb," Anderson said. "But are they so dumb they can't figure out how to go around the fence or fly over it if they want to?"

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