Weather Recap: see our best viewer submissions here

Panoramic photo by Hayley Bosch in Geneseo, Illinois.

Video by Ken Grant taken east of Cambridge, Illinois.

Every time severe weather rolls through, we do our best to bring you accurate information that can keep you safe. We encourage everyone who wants to take pictures to do so in a way that keeps their own well being in mind.

With that being said, here are some fantastic submissions of the storm front on August 28. Here are some of our favorites!

The clouds

Photo by Kevin Baker, taken 4 and a half miles southwest of Prophetstown, Illinois.


Photo by Paula Bertelsen at Fyre Lake in Sherrard, Illinois.

Photo by Jeff Wildt just southwest of Morrison, Illinois.

Photo by Chad Howard near Village of East Davenport.

Photo by Dale Moses, taken one mile east of Blue Grass, Iowa.

Video by Duane Franzen Jr. in Erie, Illinois.

The damage

Photo by WQAD's Ryan Jenkins in Rock Island.

Photo by Alyssa Roach Lynn in rural Grand Mound, Iowa.