QCRocks brings joy to community one rock at a time

ELDRIDGE, Iowa - People around the Quad Cities are uplifting strangers all with a simple object - a rock.

Kilynn Marsengill just had surgery on her ankle. But when she walked out of physical therapy the other day a surprise was right at her feet.

“It just kind of gave me a sense of purpose on a bad day,” says Marsengill, “I came out crying so it brought a smile and it brightened up my day.”

Now, who would have ever thought so much joy could be felt from a simple rock?

“A lot of people find them when it matters most to them or it brings a smile to their face or it just reminds them that there’s someone in the community who cares,” said Marsengill.

But this rock isn’t the only one out there.  It all started when the founder, Wendy Reyes, painted and hid her first rock at a Burger King a year ago.  From that point on she has started a Facebook page called QCRocks (Quad Cities Rocks), which now has 4,500 members and counting.  She got the idea after she talked with her friend who is part of a similar group in Florida.

Today, people across the area paint rocks with designs and inspirational messages to boost someone’s day.  Those who are lucky enough to find a rock can either keep it or hide it for someone else to discover.

Some rocks have spread across the nation and even around the world.

The goal is to spread a message of positivity.

“It’s kind of addicting, so I got addicted to finding them and then I started painting them and got my family in on it,” said Marsengill.

And it’s doing more than spread happiness.

“It’s helped take my mind off pain after surgery,” comments Marsengill, “I could keep busy with painting instead of being in pain.”

As Marsengill found out, the rock might just find you when you need it most.

This Saturday, Artsy Bug Studio will host a rock painting event at 10AM at its location in Northpark Mall.


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