Davenport Mayor holds second youth community action summit to fight juvenile crime

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Davenport’s Mayor Frank Klipsch held the second session of the city’s Youth Community Action Summit Tuesday, August 28.

The community discussion outlined a list of problems and concerns compiled from the city’s last youth summit to determine the underlying cause in the increase in juvenile car thefts and violent crimes.

“We can’t do the same old thing and expect different results,” says Klipsch.

Part of the problem Klipsch along with members of law enforcement and the community concluded is that many kids are from broken families and less than ideal living situations.

Inadequate job opportunities and homelessness also play a role.

“There are a lot of challenges out there. The transportation concerns that are happening in the Quad Cities, the job situations, what they need to get those jobs is all concerning but I think if we illuminate those facts, you illuminate what those issues are and then you can hope to find a solution,” says Corri Guy, who lives in Davenport.

To find a solution, the city has agreed to work with American Institute for Research. The organization sponsors the Center for Coordinated Assistance to States. The nonprofit organization works with the federal government to facilitate community groups to work to find solutions to specific issues. The city is working with the organization’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to construct a specific plan to attract Quad City teens.

“It will depend on what they identify, and it could be any number of things. It could be advancing services and enhancing existing mentoring programs. It could be new programs and new services that don’t exist yet,” says CCAS’ Cassy Boakely.

The group will meet with community members, law enforcement, teens, parents, victims and other community organizations to draft a proposal over the next two days. The organization will then present the document to the city in the next few weeks.

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