Resident pledges money for more school security

ALEDO, Illinois  --  On Wednesday, August 22nd, the Mercer County  School Board approved a intergovernmental agreement with the city of Aledo.

The agreement calls for school resource officers to spend more time in the schools. Mercer County currently has two officers in Mercer County High School and Mercer County Junior High School.

Superintendent Scott Petrie said an unnamed donor came forward last week, pledging $25,000. The money would be for the additional time the officers will be at the schools. Petrie says they have not received any money yet, but they will increase security measures regardless.

Members of the Aledo community showed support for this new plan.

"There should be an officer at each door," Aledo grandfather Bill Walters said. " Just to stop everybody from coming in., I mean there was just a shooting last night. Everyday there is a shooting.

Superintendent Scott Petrie says the new plan also includes adding security cameras.

He did not say when these new security measures would be in schools, but said the plan is in the works.