Brave 18 Y.O saves grandpas life

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WILTON, IA, – Today a brave Granddaughter received an official plaque for her part in saving Grandpa.

83 year old Ron Symmonds was in the middle of a massive heart attack when 18 year old Regan  Scarboro took action.

She called 911 and started putting all her CPR training to use. According to the heroine it happened in “slow motion” and she just did what she could, following the routine she had been taught.

Shortly after she started the chest compressions Police Chief Tim Leathers showed up himself to assist the teen.

Together they kept grandpa Ron alive and after several minutes of CPR and “two or three slaps” (Grandpa wasn’t too thrilled about those) the ambulance arrived and took Grandpa to have 3 stents put in, saving his life.

Now Grandpa Ron says the dog Regan had been wanting might finally be a possibility, just a small reward for her actions.

Chief Leathers presented Regan with the plaque himself saying “she knew exactly what to do” and how “Proud” he was as back in his paramedic days, they didn’t save many people in similar situations.

Ms. Scarboro is undecided in her major but now she says “I’m definitely thinking about going into nursing or something.”

Grandpa couldn’t be more proud, but the heart surgery has “pushed back the knee surgery he needed!”

Dozens attended the city hall ceremony and there was nothing but smiles and hugs to go around.

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