New Roosevelt Military Academy monument in Aledo, Illinois

ALEDO, Illinois  --  40 alumni from the Roosevelt Military Academy returned to Aledo, Illinois today to dedicate a new school monument.

The city of Aledo built the monument this summer. The new monument stands in place of where the old school buildings once stood. They used original bricks, concrete, and signs from the academy.

Alumni return to Aledo every two years, but they say this was their biggest turnout yet. This year they were able to tour the site, see the new monument, and remember their time at the academy.

"It was just fun everyday," alumni from the RMA class of 1947 Melvin Bogus said. "I didn't get in too much trouble because if I did, I would have to walk the slab... and after walking it once, I learned I did not want to do that again."

The Roosevelt Military Academy was home to more than 3,000 cadets from 1931 through 1973.