90 year-old man rappels down historic Blackhawk hotel

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Salvador Lopez is a Davenport native who is known to all at "Chavo".  But, after decades of living in the city, he never thought he'd do something like this.

"I worked here when I was 15 years old," says Lopez, "but I never thought I'd be coming down the side of the building."

"Unless there was a fire or something," as he chuckles.

Lopez will now see the historic Blackhawk Hotel from a new height.

When asked about how he feels right now, all he could do was simply laugh and respond "pretty high."

He raised $1,200 for the local Big Brother Big Sisters of Mississippi Valley.  All to rappel down the 11-story hotel, safely.

"I thought I just had to go down by the rope," he says. "Otherwise, it's going to be kind of hard, but I think I can make it."

And just like Spiderman, this Army veteran glides down 140 feet.  Effortlessly.

"This is a lot of fun," he comments as he descends.

But, the thrill of the heights was nothing compared to what was waiting for him on the ground: his family and friends.

And a final song, sung by everyone watching, for another mile marker in his life: his 90th birthday.

Proving at any age, new adventures are on the horizon.

"I'm excited as a 90 year-old could be."