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Candidates for Illinois Attorney General talk to farmers at agriculture forum

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (ILLINOIS NEWS NETWORK)- The candidates for Illinois Attorney General made their way to a central Illinois farm Wednesday to talk about themselves, their policies, and what they’d do for farmers if they win November’s election.

The Illinois Farm Bureau hosted a forum for the candidates to give farmers a sense of what each would do as Illinois’ top lawyer.

Republican Erika Harold and Democrat Kwame Raoul gave farmers pretty much the same speech they’ve been offering across the state. The only difference was the cornfield in the background.

Harold and Raoul talked about corruption and crime and even workers compensation.

When it came time for farm issues, namely the Waters of the United States, the answers weren’t as sharp. Farm Bureau President Rich Guebert asked Raoul if he would push to withdraw Illinois from the Obama-era regulation.

Raoul looked for the words.

“That’s one of the questions where I use those three words: I don’t know,” Raoul said. “While I said its definitely a priority to protect the resources of the state, and the nation, there is a balancing act. And I don’t have a full understanding of how the Obama-ear rulemaking has been applied.

Harold gave just about the same answer, even though it may not be the answer farmers wanted.

“I haven’t made a decision about that yet, because I want to still get more input from more people,” Harold explained. “My general approach on those issues is, I would not try and take actions that would challenge the federal government if the federal government had the constitutional authority to enact it.”

Both candidates promised ag advisory committees and to leave their ears and doors open.

Guebert told them that farmers will have plenty to say.

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