Elderly man stabbed by his neighbor in Moline

MOLINE, Illinois  --  Moline Police say an elderly man was stabbed by his 24- year-old neighbor just after noon.

Police found the elderly victim in an alley behind his house off of 5th avenue and 22nd street. Police say the victim called them himself, but lost signal. He then called a friend, who was able to successfully call 9-1-1 and give the victim's location.

Police say the victim has non-life-threatening injuries. He was able to describe his attacker to the officers. Police say he told them the attacker ran into his neighbor's house.

Officer's then arrested 24-year-old Anthony Morrow at his home. His step-mother and uncle were home at the time of the stabbing but did not know what Morrow was doing.

"I came down stairs and opened the front door and there were police and detectives outside my house," Morrow's step-mother Elizabeth Martin said. " I asked them what was wrong, and they said somebody just got stabbed and the guy ran in here. I said no he didn't, but it was my step son, and I didn't know."

Martin said she sent Morrow to the grocery store, and he just had gotten back home. She said they don't know the neighbors well and doesn't know why he would do this.

Martin says her step son suffers from mental health issues.

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