Tragic end to the month long search for Mollie

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BROOKLYN, IOWA-- After weeks of searching, Mollie's hometown is in mourning.

On August 21, the town of Brooklyn, Iowa got the news; the body of Mollie Tibbetts had been found.

"It's a terrible thing I have grandchildren, great grandchildren this age it's just unbelievable. I pray for the family and all their friends. That's all we can do," said Ann Reed. Reed lives in Brooklyn and describes the town as a "state of shock".

Word spread quickly through the small town, the body of Mollie Tibbetts had been found.

"I just hope that in the rest of my life I never experience such a thing never my heart goes out to them all," said Reed.

It wasn't the outcome the community was hoping for.

"You can't ever give up hope you got to keep praying for the best and then deal with what happens at the end and it's not always what we want," said Reed.

Although it's a tragic end, other people in the community hope this will bring closure to her and her family.

"Hopefully things can get back to being a little more normal. I know it's never going to be the same because this is not something that is supposed to happen in the middle of Iowa," said Raymond Meck. Meck and his family live shortly outside of Brooklyn but he still put stickers up on his truck to help find Mollie.

An arrest has been made but people still are wondering "why?".

"It's just been a low blow to our people we live in a community where we trust people and we're outgoing and friendly and we've been shattered," said Reed.

For now the blue ribbons and posters will stay up around town as a reminder.

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