In the Kitchen with Fareway: Foods for Brain Health

Foods for Brain Health

Mixed nuts: peanuts, walnuts, pecans and other nuts contain compounds that may help with everything from fighting insomnia to promoting mental clarity and strong memory.

Avocados: avocados are high in monounsaturated fats, a healthy fat that promotes blood flow, keeping your mind functioning at its peak.

Leafy greens: research suggests people who eat one to two servings of greens every day have the cognitive ability of a person 11 years younger than those who eat none.

Chocolate: the yummiest brain food! Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and may help improve focus and concentration.

Blueberries: high in antioxidants, blueberries have been linked to improved mental function. Most notably, regular consumption may improve memory.

Flax seeds: flax seeds are a top source of ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid that helps the cerebral cortex (responsible for processing sensory information) function.

Spinach: spinach is loaded with magnesium, which may support growth in synaptic endings, boosting the speed of brain cell transmission and increasing memory recall.

Broccoli: this vegetable has been shown to improve memory function as well as slow the aging process. Cooked broccoli is one of the best vegetarian sources of choline, important for brain structure and function.