Fighting bees are ready for the new year

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Dozens of students moved into St. Ambrose University on August 19.

Parents have hundreds of questions and concerns but their number one priority is safety.

"We've never had any one child say they didn't feel safe," said Jeff Filipski. Four out of Jeff's six kids have attended St. Ambrose. On the 19, he moved in his youngest child.

"As a dad I am always a little more concerned about a daughter than I am a son and then as we had our experiences here at St. Ambrose the administration and the Res life people were outstanding," said Filipski.

"We're here for them and we're always staying aware of what we need to know and making sure that their children are safe here," said Craig DeVrieze. DeVrieze says that over the past five years the University has been working and updating safety measures to keep up with concerns.

"We have a text alert system that parents can sign into so they can be aware of some of the things that are going on around campus. We keep them as aware as we can of what we're doing to look after their children," said Devrieze.

Some of those safety measures include key card passes at every door and security available around the clock. Keeping students feeling safe.

Clearly they are doing something right to keep the Filipski family coming back.

St. Ambrose is planning training for faculty on active shooter drills and other emergency situations.

Classes begin on Wednesday, August 22.


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