Quad Cities fans remember ‘The Queen of Soul’

MOLINE, Illinois-- Those who loved her music are now remembering Aretha Franklin. The "Queen of Soul" died Thursday, Aug. 16.

"She'll be missed," said Iris Garner of Moline. "But her music will live on."

Some of Franklin's most well-known hits include "Respect" and "Freeway of Love."

"I mean there's so many," said Julia Hitchcock, a Bettendorf resident. "You can't just pick one."

Many local fans said their favorite was "Respect" because of the meaning behind the lyrics.

"It's from the heart, and that's something you don't learn," Hitchcock said. "It's something you feel. And she felt it, and it was genuine."

Some fans said Franklin was a different kind of artist because she was passionate and relatable.

"It makes you feel like you're not alone," said Garner.

Chan Lee said Franklin's music will never go out of style.

"It was about pure, genuine music, saying stuff that she meant," he said. "There was real meaning behind the lyrics."

While some said she was gone too soon, everyone agreed her legacy will live on.