More than 300 apartments may come to Davenport-Bettendorf border

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - More than 300 apartments could soon be built near the border of Bettendorf and Davenport.

That's if the Davenport city council approves the construction.

Developers have drown up a plan to place 19 two-story buildings near 53rd Street between Utica Ridge road and 18th Street.

Right now, the area is just an empty lot that sits between neighborhoods that have stood for decades.

The complex would also include a dog park and a pool and clubhouse.

If the project is started soon, the $35 Million project could be finished by 2020.

There are some concerned neighbors in the area though, who say the project could cause an invasion of privacy.

"We've lived next to an open field for seventeen years now," said David Sheets of Davenport, Iowa. "Right now as it stand,  I would be looking up at a balcony (that is) looking down into my backyard, A two-story apartment, and immediately behind my house would be a drainage ditch."

Other neighbors in the area say they are not against the idea of development in the empty space, but would prefer to see single-family homes go into the area.

Davenport is also communicating with the City of Bettendorf to determine if the apartments would be a good fit in the neighborhood there.

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