Augustana move-in day brings waves of emotions

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - Augustana College welcomed the class of 2022 today along with all the emotions college move-in day brings.

"I'm excited," says Olivia Ruffatto, a freshman at Augustana, "I am much more relieved after everything is all settled and my room is finished.  We are going to go explore the campus a little bit more.  So I am just excited right now."

Families hauled boxes, fridges and more boxes into residence halls.  Luckily, there were plenty of upperclassmen helping out front to make the move easier.

Lots of parents were surprised their cars were unloaded and brought to their student's room in minutes.  However, those upperclassmen couldn't help parents who weren't ready to say goodbye so quickly.

Natalie Ruffatto, Olivia's mother, made a note to not wear make-up on purpose today.

"Didn't wear any," said Rufatto, as she tried not to tear up.  "Because I knew I would be crying it off."

Augustana welcomed around 700 first year students.  100 members of the new class are international students and close to 200 are first generation students.