Robbery victim’s girlfriend let it happen, police request warrant

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Police are looking for a man who they say robbed a house after the victim's girlfriend let it happen.

According to an affidavit from the Davenport Police Department, the victim left his house on the morning of May 7. His girlfriend, who was at the house, then contacted Kody Brinkley, 23.

When Brinkley came to the house, police say the girlfriend told him he could "steal whatever he wanted." She then left the house.

The affidavit, stemming from an investigation, claims Brinkley stole several firearms from the home totaling over $1,000 in property value. He then met with another suspect and informed the suspect he had possession of the stolen guns. This suspect facilitated a deal between Brinkley and a third party.

Police have requested a warrant for Brinkley on several charges, including trafficking stolen firearms and robbery.

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