Quad Cities Success Fair helps veterans find work

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Some of the biggest companies in the Quad Cities area are now part of a new job fair that focuses on veterans.

The Quad Cities Success Fair will host 100 companies such as John Deere, Arconic, and Costco.  A few of the employers will even offer jobs on the spot.

James Stout, Disabled Veterans Outreach Coordinator and a disabled veteran himself, believes veterans hold a specific skill set that others can't offer.

"During basic training they learn a skill," he says. "They learn what their job is supposed to be.  They learn step one through step 10.  So they keep this in their system so they are used it."

The fair will be at the Saint Ambrose University Rogalski Center at starting at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, August 14.

Although there is a focus on veterans you do not need to be a veteran to attend.