West Liberty Police Department teaches 150 women self defense


WEST LIBERTY, Iowa  --  150 women came together today to learn basic self defense at the West Liberty High School. The class was put on by six officers from the local police department.

West Liberty Officer Kim Halpain says that the recent disappearance of Mollie Tibbetts influenced the department to host the class.

" Today started as lets get together with some women from West Liberty and do a basic self defense course," Officer Halpain said. "It kind of exploded in our faces. We got more responses than expected."

West Liberty grandma Jodi Kelly said she attended the class to be able to protect her daughter and two young granddaughters.

"I think knowledge is power," Kelly said. "I think we as women need to stand together. I think we need to be strong. We need to be fierce and I hope thats what I am teaching my daughters and granddaughters."

Kelly's daughter Jessi Simon also attended the class.

"I came today because it seems like an extra crazy world right now," Simon said. " As a mother of two young daughters and a woman, I want to do anything I can to protect myself and keep my family safe."

Women of all ages attended the class. They got hands on experience of different ways to get out common attacks.

The West Liberty Police Department says that in seven out of ten sexual assaults, women will be the victims.

They say they hope to put on another class soon.

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