Why Sherrard High School is stepping in to provide basics to students

SHERRARD, Illinois -- Four teachers at Sherrard High School have come together to take a load off students' minds.

The teachers have been working to make a resource room, which is like a free store, offering necessities like clothes, hygiene products, school supplies and food.

Meaghan Jackson, who teaches special education, said they wanted to help students focus on education, not financial struggles.

"Instead of worrying about, "Okay, I need to go to work right after school to be able to financially assist my family," we’re gonna give them the chance to get that at school so they can go home and worry about education not financial needs," she said.

Sherrard High School's resource room, called the Tiger Room, will be accessible to high school students, junior high school students and their families.

According to the Riverbend Food Bank, 27 schools in the area have food pantries. During the 2017-2018 school year, those school pantries alone provided 300,000 meals.