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New Clinton County Law Center construction to highlight safety and security

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CLINTON, Iowa - This county knows what it's like to lobby for a new jail, but that patience is paying off with a nearly $24-million project.

From high above the site, construction is beginning to take shape. Steel, cement, bricks and lots of labor make it a reality.

"The concept of just putting somebody in a box and expecting them to change - those days are over," said Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln, on Tuesday, August 7.

At first glance, spectators can tell this isn't a typical office building. As a jail, it's all about security. And after getting voter support on the first try in 2016, it's moving right along.

"Right now, the big focus is getting the building enclosed by mid to late October, and have the roofs on it by the first part of November," said Facilities Director Corey Johnson.

New pods will be able to house inmates for up to a year. The size nearly triples current capacity. It's a modern approach to a tough situation.

"While these individuals are staying with us, maybe we have an opportunity to help them get some education, to learn how to fill out a resume, or how to apply for a job," said Sheriff Lincoln.

The project will take about two years from start to finish. It should be ready to open in April 2019.  hat's quite a new look at law enforcement for the Clinton County Sheriff's Department.

"Safety and security of the staff and the inmates is our big thing," concluded Sheriff Lincoln.

At this site, a view well-suited for protecting and serving.

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