Jackson County jail vote fails

MAQUOKETA, Iowa - Supporters of a new jail for Jackson County could not muster enough votes in a Special Election to push forward with construction.

The plan to issue $7 million in 20-year bonds got 52.5% of the vote on Tuesday, August 7, 2018, but the referendum needed 60% to pass.


YES  52.5% (1595 votes)

NO   47.50  (1443 votes)

The turnout was just under 21%.

The current facility, where two inmates escaped from earlier this year, is 40 years old and in need of updates. It can house up to 11 inmates.  Supporters say a new, larger jail would meet new requirements and would be safer for jailers.

Rural areas of Jackson County were less likely to support the bond referendum.  The greatest amount of support came from the four election precincts in Maquoketa where the bond issue got up to 72% support in Precinct 16.