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Galesburg police defend arrest that turned physical after it was caught on camera

GALESBURG, Illinois-- A routine traffic stop in Galesburg, Illinois has created controversy after a video of the arrest was shared on Facebook.

Galesburg police say it all started Friday August 3, 2018 when officers pulled Chris Alfaro over for talking on his phone while driving. Then they say they found marijuana in his car.

Alfaro says he was stopped after he hit a car while pulling into a parking spot.

A person nearby recorded the arrest on his phone when it started getting physical.

Police say Alfaro tried to shut his car door on an officer and would not comply with orders. So the arrest got physical.

In the video, Alfaro says he is looking for his insurance card. Then he gets out and the struggle pursues. Shortly after, more officers show up and Alfaro goes down to the ground. It looks like one officer punches Alfaro in the side and pepper sprays him while he's being held on the ground. Officers then get him handcuffed, and they carry him into a police car.

Alfaro says he did not put up a fight, and the take down wasn't necessary.

"I was laying there with three people on my back, I was getting punched by one of them, tased by one of them and maced by the other one, there's no struggling with that," says Chris Alfaro.

Galesburg police say their officers did an outstanding job. They say when people resist arrest, that's when people and officers can get hurt. Police say they used the least amount of force necessary to get Alfaro in handcuffs. And they say all their officers are well trained.

Alfaro was released on bond from the Knox County jail on Saturday afternoon.

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