Herd of rental goats invade Boise neighborhood, really baaaaaaad goat puns ensue

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(CNN) — Dozens of goats invaded a suburb of Boise, Idaho, on Friday after walking off the job.

The goats are workers for a rent-a-goat business called — what else — We Rent Goats that hires the herd out as an eco-friendly way to clear weeds.

The goats were munching at an Ada County Highway District retention pond when they broke through a fence and escaped, briefly overtaking a street in the West Valley area of Boise around 7 a.m., CNN affiliate KBOI reported.

Their arrival created a social media sensation, with goat-themed puns invading Twitter. The Columbus Dispatch, for instance, tweeted, “This looks like a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad situation.” #Boise was still trending as of Friday afternoon.

Boise resident Kyle Bryant told CNN he went to see the goats after his granddaughter told him what was happening.

“It was was the best thing I have seen since we moved to Boise three years ago,” Bryant said. “I knew back in Oregon that there were companies that rented out goats, so I thought that this was the same situation.”

Bryant took videos and shared them on Facebook. “Hey, you missed a spot,” one person said on a video.

The goat owners arrived with a trailer to round up their goats and get them back to work.

We Rent Goats co-owner Kim Gabica told the Idaho Statesman the animals are “great escape artists” and tend to “follow each other.”

The Idaho Humane Society contained the goats until the owners arrived.

“The owners of the goats was not cited and the neighbors seemed to appreciate the humor of having a large herd of goats in their yard,” Kristine Schellhaas, a spokeswoman with the group told CNN.

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