Family confronts man who dug up memorial crosses off Highway 61

BLUE GRASS-- Cathy Stowe says she can still recognize pieces of her brother-in-law's motorcycle off Highway 61 and Coon Hunter's Road.

“It’s rough…. There’s still blood on the road where he was and if you look real close sometimes you can see his motorcycle parts that are still laying in the ditch.”

66-year-old, James Stowe was killed in a crash back in May. Since then, the family put two memorial crosses to honor their loved ones lost.

But Cathy says someone took the crosses down.

"I think someone took it intentionally, yes... It's gone, just gone and it is and it was, but we're going to get it back," she says.

Blue Grass Police told Cathy someone dropped the memorials off at the station.

But before she could get to the police station to pick them up, Howard Spoon, from Blue Grass introduced himself and said he removed both crosses the day before, because they were a distraction to drivers.

"Their heartfelt emotions are totally understood, but I don't think if they really thought about if they would put up a monument to distract people from paying attention to this intersection," says Spoon.

Sam Shea, from the Iowa DOT says the department does not permit memorial signs on the sides of the road, but says the department does not normally remove them, once the memorials are up, unless they pose a danger.

Scott County has the same policy.

Spoon says he does not regret taking down the crosses and tells WQAD, he would do it again if the family decided to return the crosses.

Cathy later went to the Blue Grass Police where the crosses were on the ground waiting. She says she's not deterred, she and the family plan to return the crosses to the same spot sometime over the weekend.

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