Backpacks banned from Rock Island High School classrooms

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - Students at Rock Island High School will not be allowed to bring their backpacks or purses to class when they return for their first day on August 2nd.

A new policy, set by the administration, bans carrying the bags into the classroom and says students may only have backpacks and purses as they arrive and leave school for the day.

Backpacks and purses will be kept in lockers, and students will be expected to bring materials and personal belongings in pencil cases.

The district website says the policy is being implemented because backpacks take up too much space in the classroom.

The website also says that the new policy serves as a way to limit the concern over illegal and inappropriate items being brought into the classroom.

Both Washington and Edison Junior High Schools already had backpack bans in place in years past.

This will be the first year for the policy at Rock Island High School.

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