Sixth graders take over Wood Intermediate

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Incoming sixth graders at Wood Intermediate are getting a good look around their new school.

They filled the halls there on Wednesday, Aug. 1 to learn everything they need to know three weeks before classes start.

"Jump Academy is for the sixth graders that come into our building new and they get to learn about the cafeteria,  Chrome book usage, library, a tour," said Christie Toft. Toft is a teacher at Wood Intermediate. She believes the kids that come to Jump Academy are ready to be leaders. 

The new students have a lot to get used to with new schedules, classes and teachers.

Zoey and her best friend Regan are sticking together especially when it comes to lockers, the biggest thing many students are worried about.

Zoey has used a locker before so she caught on quickly. Regan had a little bit more trouble.

"For me right now it`s lockers. I was struggling getting them open," said Regan Snarr. Voss helped Snarr get her locker open shortly after.

"By the end of the day they are really, really excited for the first day. The things they have been worrying about the most like where are my classes, where`s my locker, how am I going to get into that locker. They feel better about it," said Toft.

Walking out the doors the excitement starts to take over.

"I`ve just known these same kids through my whole life since kindergarten so I`m excited to see the faces from other elementary schools," said Snarr.

Classes at Wood Intermediate begin on August 23.

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