Director of Davenport Civil Rights Commission accuses Mayor of inappropriate conduct

DAVENPORT---The Director of the Davenport Civil Rights Commission, Latrice Lacey is calling for Mayor Frank Klipsch to step down.

This comes after Lacey says the mayor touched her inappropriately during a video recorded city council meeting back in April.

Watch this video to see the moment in question. Skip to 7:00 to see the what happened right before.

Lacey is also facing domestic assault charges, after police say she attacked her ex-boyfriend with a hammer. She plead not guilty and is due back in court in August.

Lacey refused WQAD's request for an on camera interview. She says she did not want the story to include any mention of that criminal case.

In a statement to WQAD News 8 Lacey says:

“He (Mayor Frank Klipsch) touched me inappropriately on more than one occasion. The public needs to know that this kind of thing happens here at city hall.

Lacey says she did not file a formal complaint or police report, but plans to do so in the near future.

Klipsch denies all claims made against him.

“I have not said or done anything inappropriate. I would ask you to show the video and let the public see for themselves,” says Mayor Klipsch.

Lacey says she decided to go public with the accusations partly because the city council is considering replacing the Davenport Civil Rights Commission with the Davenport Human and Civil Rights Agency.

The current commission is independent of the city, however, the change would include a board with three council members.

The  commissions attorney says the move is against state code.

Lacey says the change and her views of the mayor’s behavior are a part of a plan to force her to step down.