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Take a look at the Pride of the Wapsi’s 2018 corn maze

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LONG GROVE, Iowa -- Ten weeks into the growing season, the Pride of the Wapsi has corn that's beyond head high.

Pat and Lora Dierickx planted their 16th corn maze in mid-May.  Each year they choose a specific design to highlight something in the community.  This year, they're growing a maze bearing WQAD's "StormTrack 8" logo.

In 2018 they used a new technology that allowed them to plant only where they wanted the maze to grow. Mid-way through their growing season, the maze was taking shape, but Pat and Lora were doing some maze-tweaking.

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"We were cleaning up the rows, making them straighter and wider," Pat said. "And it looks good."

Eventually the leaves peaking into the walkway would need to come down, because they can be sharp. But that will come once it gets closer to their September 29th opening.

"The leaves do serve a purpose," explained Pat. "One, it collects energy from the sun and two, it shades the ground from weeds to germinate and that's really important once we get past the end of July."

This year, Pat said each year weeds and plant diseases are a concern, but he stays diligent in combating whatever's attacking his crops.

"I've got to have this thing stand throughout the month of October into November," he said, "unlike most farmers who'd like to get it out as soon as possible."

On top of the seven-acre corn maze, the Pride of the Wapsi offers a mini soybean maze for little kids, different types of foods, and games. Click here to see how your family can enjoy all that the Pride of the Wapsi has to offer.

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