Protesters blocked from presidential motorcade route

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PEOSTA, Iowa -- A crowd of protesters was halted by several police and sheriff patrol cars at Northeast Iowa Community College as President Donald Trump visited on Thursday, July 26.

College officials roped off a grassy area for demonstrators along the street leading up to the front of the college,  which was the expected route of the presidential motorcade. The motorcade, however never turned onto the main road, turning away from demonstrators and taking a back route.

When the protesters attempted to intercept the new route, they were blocked by police.

One officer said the authorities barricaded the road and pushed protesters off to the sides out of safety. Everyone seemed compliant, and other than a few shouting matches, no major altercation took place.

" Once we saw the motorcade go the othere way... the two crowds merged," Jody McGiln said. "The cops came with several cars to move people off the street."

Once the crowd realized the president would not be driving by them, many left their roped-off section and began marching toward the college.

"I just saw a mass of people moving toward the building," Patricia Grafton, another demonstrator, said.

Both ends of the political spectrum were represented today, although protesters far outnumbered supporters.

The Iowa Democratic Party held a press conference before the caravan arrived featuring farmers who are against the trade war. Several protesters said they do not want a government handout.

However, a variety of issues, from immigration to abortion, where represented on signs and in chants.

"We're not here to complain about Trump," Cheryl Bybee said. "We're trying to get a message out there that, if things are going to change, people need to get out and vote."

However, Grafton said she was just happy to have conversations with people of different opinions.

"Until we talk to eachother meaningfully and honestly, nothings going to get done," Grafton said.


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