Colleagues talk about Chris Minor with respect and fond memories

MOLINE, Illinois – Veteran WQAD news reporter Chris Minor retired on her 33rd anniversary with the station.

She worked with hundreds of colleagues including reporters, photographers, technical staff, and everyone else who is needed to run a television station.

Several sent us testimonials as a gift to Chris for the gifts she gave to them.

"Chris Minor is the quintessential reporter's reporter," said former WQAD news reporter Hota Kotb whose success skyrocketed her to the NBC "Today" show.

"Chris, you'll remember when I came to WQAD I knew nothing, zero, and you took me under your wing and you helped me," she added.

"So, on behalf of all of us, and me especially, I just want to say thanks."  - Hota Kotb, "Today" show host

"You were generous with everything and you kept giving it away."

"You helped me get my confidence, learn my craft, and still enjoy myself while doing it," she said.

Chris was also a fierce competitors.  Just ask close friend, Quad-City Times reporter Bark Ickes.

"As your personal biographer it occurs to me that its going to be quiet an undertaking to summarize a fabulous 33 year career in television," she said.

"So I need you to do something for me. If you could provide to me an alphabetized list of all your sources including cell phone numbers, email addresses and pertinent inmate id numbers that would be so helpful thank you."

Click on the videos to see the tributes from former co-workers.

And her former co-anchor remembers times they both rushed to the news set just moments before the broadcast began.

"Nine times out of 10 we would barely make it to the chair," said Carolyn Kissal.

"We would just be happy if we put on mascara and combed our hair, I mean we were a hot mess."

"She has this incredible ability to care and to feel for people. She is passionate about what is right, and what is just, and when she is telling someone’s story, she has so much empathy, and compassion."

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