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More funnel clouds today, not likely to touch down

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There were 33 reports of tornadoes on Thursday with all but one occurring in the state of Iowa. The cold front that sparked the severe weather is now east, but that doesn't mean we're done with funnel clouds.

"Cold air funnel clouds" are possible today due to very cold air up at cloud level. That's due to the temperature difference between ground level and cloud level. This afternoon, temperatures on the ground where we are, will be around 78 degrees. If you go up about 15,000 feet, that temperature drops to about 15 degrees. With such cold air aloft, this can promote rapidly rising air. Much like water swirling down a drain, the air may swirl up into clouds, producing small funnel clouds.

Rarely do these touch the ground and even more rarely do they cause damage.

A few passing showers with rumbles are possible with these possible funnel clouds this afternoon and evening. Less rain coverage is expected Saturday and Sunday, but low chances are still warranted due to the close proximity of low pressure in Indiana and Ohio.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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